In the U.K. The clocks go back in late October and the nights draw in very quickly. In no time at all it’s dark and you know we are facing five months of wet dark nights before the emerging spring starts to lift your spirits. Winter where I live is depressing people stay at home and cold wet weather makes me feel decidedly yuk. 

The funny thing is that this autum the temperatures have stayed quite high resulting me keeping my summer clothes around prior to the heavy Coates gloves and winter wear appearing. There is something secretive about the dark nights that I enjoy and it takes me back to my teenage days. After the long summer holidays the new school term would bring about a fresh approach to life, for some reason or another if felt as if we were older and more in control of our lives. For some reason or another my mother gave me more latitude whenever a new school year began and with each passing year I moved closer to becoming a woman. Not that I thought to much about that, but peer pressure and sex or sex with peer pressure started to nibble away at me and I found myself watching boys and thinking about them. I’m not really sure when this first happened but it was around the time that I experience climbing with Tom. I used to say he was my first boyfriend but at 11 years of age I can’t ever remember kissing him, to be honest the first person I ever remember kissing was Lesley B. Who I kissed on a sleepover at her house. We got the giggles and climbed into to bed together pretending to the other girls we were lesbians. You know I really enjoyed it, until I found my hands between her legs and realised she was more turned on than I was. I had never experienced another girl and my fingers slid unhindered between her labia which shocked me a little. Still we laughed it off and giggled with the others till the early hours but she always looked at me differently after that. Lesley had a lovely slim body and like me was dark haired. I felt her wispy bush and longed to see it but that was not the time. One of the things the dark nights brought was boys, for some reason or another they became friendlier and more attentive. Kissing a boy became a challenge, and we each took it on board to take that step. My first kiss took me by surprise but it had all been pre arranged I was to meet a boy who I had told the girls I had chosen to be the one. The meeting was arranged for 6:30 at the playing field. The trouble was he did not know it was only supposed to be a kiss and wanted to take it a lot further. His hands were everywhere fortunately I was able to fend him off and finally I just ran away. Feeling a bit of a failure I could not go back to the girls and it was far to early to go home, as Mum would not expect me home till 8. So I slipped around the back of the shopping arcade and got some chips from the shop on the corner. They were greasy but hot and I walked down the footpath which bordered the junior school. Then I saw it, I almost had to rub my eyes in the playground of my old school right next to the hedge was a brand spanking new climbing frame complete with slide and fort style parapets that gave it a very robust look. It was kind of if it had grown there but I knew it must have arrived during the holidays but it wasn’t there before. My eyes were instantly drawn to the top of the slide which was the highest point of the structure and supported by two shinny red poles perfect for climbing. There were other upright poles of various thicknesses and I was attracted to a short yellow pole of some 4 inches in diameter, it was chunky and I instantly wanted to climb it. I walked past the school and then back again my eyes fixed on what I could only describe as a fantasy come true. Unfortunately there was a 8 foot high chain link fence that stood between me and that pole and that would take some overcoming. 

Ever since that day I have learned that if a pole takes my fancy it’s inevitable that I will climb it, with the exception of a pole used as a radio mast located on a nearby roundabout for survalence cameras every one of my targets has been achieved. The radio mast is so open while it looks so good it’s just not possible. But here was a target that I just could not miss. The dark nights and the mild November weather would force the issue and that yellow pole became my number one priority. I’m not sure how many times I walked along that footpath just checking that the lock on the gate was secure. I remember thinking that my dad had a small chrome saw for metal and that maybe I could cut the padlock. But when I asked my dad about locks making up a story so he would have no idea of my plan he simply told me the locks were made of hard steel and that I would need a power tool to cut it. My plan demolished I was feeling I bit like Alice in Wonderland when  she became so small in the corridor and could no longer reach the key to the door which was high above her on the glass table. I could see the pole but had no way of getting there.  The playground was completely enclosed, it was either a case of going under or over the wire a bit like a World War Two prison camp. I think it was this line of thinking that finally made me realise I would have to climb it. Strangely enough it was a lot easier than I thought. Surprisingly my toes would just fit into the links and I was light enough to pull my self up, being at the top needed some planing because the wire had pointed ends which could easily cut my legs but placing my hoody over the sharpe bits would help. 

So all I had to do now was plan a time. It would have to be dark because anybody walking down the path would see me in day light, not just that the school was in use during the week. So after guides on a Friday because I would not have to be home till 9:30 which was when my Mum expected me. My biggest risk was what if somebody saw me inside the playground what could I say, I decided my best story was I had seen a cat inside and that I had gone to its rescue, this seemed quite feesable the entire world knew I liked cats. With all of the high risks minimised I pretended to be ill at guides to get away a good hour before I was due to be home. This worked perfectly and within a short while I was at the fence. I had already taken off my pants and put them in my hoody pocket at the guide centre toilets. I have always enjoyed going without underwear but as I got older my mum took more of a dim view on this so I had to become more sensible. I wanted to feel excited and this clearly helped my hoody worked perfectly going over the top of the wire. Steve MaQueen eat your heart out. Dropping to the floor i was over and hid for a while to the side intently listening for passers by.  There were none so removing my guide skirt and wearing  just my blue shirt complete with guide hat I made for the poles on the slide these would be good to climb and start the feeling but I was going to finish on the yellow pole that was for certain. I had been climbing for a while when I picked up the flash of a light from a bike coming down the path so I hid by the hedge while it went past and quickly returned to the red poles this time I chose the other one and was surprised how cold it was but a few climbs started to warm the pole or cool my thighs not sure which. The feeling was there and I was pushing for it I had learned to keep my clit well away from rubbing against its surface thus reducing the chance of an early orgasm and forcing then wonderful flutterings in my tummy I pushed on higher on the pole becoming more and more confident in my new surroundings as the funny feeling engaged in my virgina. I was looking at the yellow pole imagining it to be a massive penis which would soon be between my legs it’s thick stumpy shape inviting me to climb.  Just looking at it was becoming over powering but I stopped my self from closing my eyes and allowing the feeling to get out of control. Finally I knew it was the time placing my feet on the ground for the few steps I need to make the felling disappeared until I reached up to grip the top of the yellow pole within the first raise of my knees it was back but I had a problem because of its thickness it was virtually impossible to climb without wrapping my legs completely around it. Within two pull ups I was at the top but my Pusey was jammed against is shinny yellow surface and I was coming big time. I had nowhere to go so gave into to the on rushing climax clinging on to the pole for dear life. 

Opening my eyes I felt in imieadiate danger. Not waiting to think I grab my skirt and threw my hoody up on the wire fence, trouble was it went straight over landed on the path the other side just then the light of another cyclist started to flash down the path but I had no chance of getting over the fence so returned to the shadows. It was the same woman returning in the other direction but to my horror she picked up my hoody and carried on. Now I panicked jumping on the fence I pulled my self up carefully avoiding the wire with the inside of my legs and was over and down the other side, the trouble was my skirt did not come with me, it caught on the wire and ripped from top to bottom. I looked up in total disbelief as it hung limply from the wire as I stood then naked from the waist down. With no pants and no Hoody how was going to explain this. All thoughts of my climb had by now completely disappeared as I regained my ripped skirt. The fortunate thing was it had ripped though a join and the stitching had gone rather than the material, covering my modesty I wrapped it around my waist and walked towards the road desperately trying to think of what I was going to tell my mum. I conjured with the idea of being raped which soon turned into abuse but then I had a real piece of luck. The woman bless her had hung my hoody on the fence at the end of the path. What a piece of luck I could have hugged her. Now things were a good deal better and my mind went back to that yellow pole, the good thing is that while today it’s still there. I never have been, it’s far to risky.